Holding Power Accountable

If nothing is done about voter reform, democracy is already dead in America. The best way to get reform is now, before the vote is certified. Ohio’s recount was worse than the election, and people were watching. Senator Byrd or Kennedy should stand up and contest the 2004 Election results.

Exit poll discrepancies must be explained. Exit poll discrepancies were used to uncover vote fraud in the Ukraine, why are they ignored in the US?

Ohio’s fraudulent vote and recount must be redone. We need nothing short of a new vote monitored by non-partisan election officials. Technicians cannot modify the counting equipment during the recount. Voters must have equal access to voting machines. The right to vote must be protected and assured by the federal government in all states. Disenfranchised voters must be re-enfranchised! Electronic voting must be made open source, paper trail verified and tamper proof. Programmers cannot be in charge of our elections.

Why doesn’t Mother Jones cover this tragedy? If elections are not free, fair and open we do not have a democracy.

Helen Van Ryzin

Life of the Party

This is the first thoughtful piece I’ve read on why the Democrats and liberals keep losing elections. This article dares to suggest that the left is what the right keeps saying it is: elitists who turn their noses up at “red America.” It is also the first article I’ve read by a liberal that suggests looking inward for what the Democrats and Liberals stand for, and BE THAT. It’s the only way to win hearts and minds. If you’re a party that supports homosexual rights, then stand up proudly and say it. If you’re a party that does not want to be religious, but feels more comfortable embracing a secular philosophy, then advocate that. Don’t put on masks and pretend to be religious (Pelosi quoting Mathew, for god’s sake), or supportive of homosexual marriage when you voted against it (John Kerry!). Don’t say you fight for the underprivileged then reject the poor white population in this country because they’re white. Don’t say you want to hear all viewpoints, then scream oppression when an opinion from a conservative challenges or criticizes yours.

Shiela Jauregui

The Rat Pack

I wonder how the man came to imbibe so much rat poison. Have been told that one should wear gloves when putting out the poison. On the other hand, I have also feared for my cats. Have also been told that cats — and supposedly also human beings — soon begin to vomit, and rats are not able to vomit.

It does seem that there is a lot we need to learn about rat poison. And it also seems as if rats are getting to be a major problem.

Joy Christensen

The Condemned

As a short-time resident of Norwood (west side), I see a city in a time of change from heavy industry to a bedroom community. A city who is in financial big trouble, trying to get high levies passed. The city needs this development to replace the industries that have moved away — GM, La Blond, Cincy Machine works). Residents do not have the money to pay additional taxes and levies with jobs. I can understand a person’s resistance to move, but do you want to live in a neighborhood where you were the person who stopped the sale of the other property owners’ sale? Not going to be a friendly place to live. And then will the neighborhood grow or go downhill?

Scotty Graff

Well, I’ve lived in Norwood all my life and I am quite appalled at how the city seems to be up for sale by our council. I have been against the use of eminent domain to obtain private properties for use by a private developer. If they can’t get ALL the properties they need for a developement, that is just too damned bad. Let them take their plans to some other area, perhaps one that is truly blighted, like the old central business district of Norwood.

The latest issue they are trying to push through council, is a re-written version of Norwood’s current urban renewal city ordinance. This new version appears to make it easier for eminent domain to be used and could feasiby, by their defnition, cover 80 to 90 percent of the entire city’s housing. Sounds like the old “Gem of the Highlands” should be changed to “Slums of the Highlands”!!!

MB Barber

Life of the Party

The infrastructure of the Democratic Party is rife with rotten wood. Three years ago I moved to Arizona and shortly after the move went to the state party headquarters to meet with their organizers. I had run campaigns in both Florida and Georgia in the past and was interested in becoming involved in Az. I was told no one was in to speak to me and that someone would call.
Two months went by and I got a call- the day before the election. The Democratic Party wanted me to make GOTV calls. I quickly came to the conclusion that these people had no idea what they were doing. In the interim, several other instances have happened to confirm these suspicions.

William Voorhees

A Touch of Crude

Sounds to me like this would be a good place to spread Liberty and Democracy, that is if the Bush Administration believed what it says about its efforts in Iraq.

Norris Jackson

The Rat Pack

I would love to have an EPA that was looking out for my interests instead of corporate interests. I guess that’s too much to ask.

Lynn McCarthy