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The Machinery of Mendacity

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You’ve said everything I’ve been thinking for months about this issue. But, I think someone needs to take the folks on our side to task for their ambivalence about the current state of affairs. The choir’s gone home and is head first in a cocoon! …

I think lilberals are in deep denial. How the press can get them out of it, when most of the press seems to have lost their own taste for reality, is an issue you might explore. Today’s reality makes ‘wag the dog’ seem old hat, doesn’t it?

Brooke Heppinstall

We’ll Always Have Paris

I was surprised after reading this editorial that you did not reference any efforts by United for a Fair Economy and Responsible Wealth to defeat the estate tax. After one presentation during their tour for the book Wealth and Our Commonwealth, I was sold–knowing very little about the estate tax going into the presentation. Bill Gates, Sr. is very effective in using “emotional tales” against this tax. In case you haven’t already, visit www.faireconomy.org

Anna Fogle
Baton Rouge, LA

The Parent Trap

I’d certainly hate to be James Galbraith’s mother. While I disagree wholeheartedly with all Bush has done, “condemns them to care for their elders” is a phrase that is disconcerting.

Nicole Diamente
Mahopac, NY

The Draft

Words taken out of context, misrepresentation of ideas, and deceptive innuendoes are all hallmarks of the right-wing press. We know this because we write and fight for honesty in the media. Perhaps that is why “The Draft” by Michael Schwartz is so very discouraging. To see the left misrepresenting and thus disparaging one of the strongest and most honest voices that the Democratic team possesses, Wes Clark, tells me that prepackaged bias is alive and well on the left.

Wes Clark, an architect of the all-volunteer army, does not advocate a return to the draft. In interviews an meetings, he has warned that our current path may lead to a draft, he has lamented that military is over-stretched, he has even said that the administration is using “using and abusing” this nation’s forces. The very article that Michael Schwartz links to fails to support the statement in his article, but rather, refutes it. But hey, what’s a little dishonesty if it can further the with the anit-Clark agenda?

Keeping an eye on the media is a full-time, all-volunteer service these days. Having the so-called progressive publications vilifying a man who has repeatedly called on Democrats to support one another, and “get some starch,” makes the job harder, and quite frankly, makes me sick.

Donna Bozin

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