The Ohio Insurgency
Catch the morning-after excitement surrounding Paul Hackett’s improbable run in “the toughest district in the U.S.” at his campaign website.

Blue Blogs

The bloggers who backed Hackett continue to organize for a Democratic revival in 2006 at,, and

“The New Ward Heelers”

Samantha M. Shapiro looks at 527s, the 2004 election’s great blue hope, in the September/
October 2004 issue
of Mother Jones.

Respectable Reefer

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
This pro-pot research group tracks developments in the medical marijuana battle at

Marijuana Policy Project
Keep track of state-by-state efforts to legalize otc thc at

Sea Change

Andaman Pilot Project
Donate powdered milk, goggles, diving masks, and other needed materials to the Moken at

See photos of a Moken village and learn about the Indian Ocean’s new tsunami early-warning system at

Who Holds the Clicker?

Great and Desperate Cures
Elliot S. Valenstein takes a critical look at the history of psychosurgery and the mid-century lobotomy craze (Basic Books, 1986).

Last Resort
An examination of the often misguided efforts to understand and control the brain’s inner workings, by Jack D. Pressman (Cambridge University Press, 2002).


In the Red Zone: A Journey Into the Soul of Iraq
In this book, independent journalist Steven Vincent chronicles life deep inside Iraq’s most dangerous territories (Spence Publishing, 2004).

“Switched Off in Basra”
Vincent was killed two days after the publication of this July 31 New York Times op-ed about
Islamists infiltrating the Basra police force.

Toking Diplomacy
The hub of Marc Emery’s pot empire sells all kinds of paraphernalia for those seeking to “overgrow the government.”

Olena Prytula

Ukrayinska Pravda
Visit Hellraiser Olena Prytula’s risk-taking, muckraking website at

Committee to Protect Journalists
This press-freedom organization monitors the dangers faced by journalists and keeps an up-to-date tally of those killed on the job at

The Watched


Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre take a skeptical look at the soon-to-be-ubiquitous rfid chips (Nelson Current, 2005).

No Place to Hide

Robert O’Harrow peeks inside the “emerging surveillance society” (Free Press, 2005).

New York Surveillance Camera Players
Upstart anarchists cast a playfully wary eye on the Big Apple’s electronic eyes at


Greensboro Truth and Community Reconciliation Project
The latest from the groundbreaking attempt to confront Greensboro’s past is at

Greensboro Justice Fund
Read more about the lives of the “Greensboro Five” and the civil rights organization inspired by their deaths at

Love and Revolution
Signe Waller recounts the events leading up to the 1979 massacre that killed her husband (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002).

Continental Divide

The European Dream

For an opposing view of things on the other side of the pond, see Jeremy Rifkin’s prediction of the coming European resurgence (Jeremy P. Tarcher, 2004).

The United States of Europe
America dismisses “old Europe” at its peril, warns T.R. Reid in his examination of
continental “soft power.” (Penguin Press, 2004).

On the Banks of the Chixoy

Colectivo MadreSelva
Spanish speakers can learn more about the environmental group trying to stop Guatemala’s Xalalá dam at

“The Chixoy Dam Destroyed Our Lives”
More on the first Chixoy dam, including this article by anti-dam activist Monti Aguirre, can be found on the website of the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs at