Hackett is rather disingenuous.  Brown helped him get his campaign together—with  money and staff.  I guess he can look a gift-horse in the mouth if he so chooses. 

But we can’t!

Sherrod Brown’s track record speaks for itself.  He is no Party Patsy.  He has many grassroots people rooting for him because he’s been there for us.  He helped seniors—by the busload—get their drugs from Canada despite the big pharmaceutical corporations and their favorite legislators.  He has toured the state on Social Security, cleaning up the mountain of misinformation put out by the Bush propagandists.  He opposed CAFTA, another political boondoggle.  And he said NO to the war on Iraq and the continued occupation.

Brown has been a truly decent Representative of the people of the northern part of Ohio.  We in southern Ohio can certainly use his ethical and moral representation here as our next Senator.

Maddi Breslin

Dayton, Ohio


Why is Sherrod running?  Because like all good democrats, his job is to make sure progressives like Hackett never get into power.

Why progressives continue to support Democrats, I don’t know.

I will never vote for a Democrat again.  They are just as big corporate whores as the GOP…even worse, because they pretend not to be while slipping the knife in between the ordinary American’s shoulder blades…

  • Iraq War

  • Patriot Act

  • Bankruptcy bill



  • Energy bill

These are not progressive legislative items and they neither represent nor protect or promote the interest of average Americans (who apparently are the only remaining taxpayers in this country) nor do these items promote the general welfare.

To the contrary, these legislative bits are intended to (and do) undermine everything that made America strong and prosperous.

Do you think they’ll get it when this holiday season is a complete bust for many of their corporate cronies?

Pamela Sirkin


I enjoyed the Paul Hackett article in your most recent issue. We didn’t get much coverage of the story in my Republican-dominated northeastern Ohio county. I also learned the value of going to your website between issues, where I found the follow-up article on Hackett’s treatment by Democratic Party insiders. As a Democrat I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the ineptness of current party leaders. I’m afraid they are spending too much time in Washington and the statehouses and not enough time with their grassroots and “net-roots.” Hackett tells voters “it’s not your parents’ Republican Party anymore,” but the same is true of the Democratic Party.

Connie Rubin

North Canton, Ohio