The Final Act of Abu Ghraib

The Final Act of Abu Ghraib
A front row seat at the military scandal’s farcial last trial.
Am I a Torturer?

Ben Allbright watched the Daily Show, worships Dave Eggers—and still wound up "softening up" prisoners in Iraq.
Voluntary Confinement

Contestants on the Fox Reality show Solitary forgo sleep, food, and dignity—all for a crack at $50,000.
Department of Pre-Crime

Why are citizens being locked up for "UnAmerican" thoughts?
The Body Snatchers

Inside the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program ­and the bungled abduction of would-be terrorists.

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The arbitration generation; textbook jihad; 527s back on the warpath; does this robe make my butt look racist?; the iron man cometh; how China—and Austria—run guns to Darfur; great moments in the his/herstory of gender-neutral pronouns; subprime’s other culprits; cokeheads get hurt by the dollar’s nosedive; why you should start stockpiling beer


Dogs with blogs, urban tigers, edible pet pigs, and other tales from our mass menagerie

Bombs Away!

The Pentagon says its missiles can take out terrorists with laserlike precision. Too bad they keep killing the wrong people.

Nocturnal Emissions

Good night, sleep tight—don’t let the volatile organic compounds bite.

Hollywood launches the golden age of ecotainment; pop-art provocateur Shepard Fairey; Vanity Fair’s delusions of greendeur; plus book(Dog Man, The Ten-Cent Plague, The Man Who Pushed America to War), film(Chicago 10), and music(Everywhere at Once, The Hands, B.I.P.P.P.: French Synthwave 1979-85, Transnormal Skiperoo) reviews

Holy hardworking immigrants, Batman!


Depth of Field Depth of Field

Iowa, after the party’s over

Blackwater's World of Warcraft Blackwater’s World of Warcraft

The private security boom goes global.

Mulch Madness Mulch Madness

Louisiana’s cypress forest—the state’s best hurricane barrier—is being logged into oblivion. Meet the man who speaks for the trees.