Contents | September/October 2008


Exit Strategy


Our wide-ranging guide to the nation’s most urgent, yet fixable, problems

Illustration by Steve Brodner


executive power

Pursuit of HabeasPursuit of Habeas
What Bush learned from the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Will the Next Prez Give the Power Back?Will the Next Prez Give the Power Back?


The Librarians Who Shushed the Patriot ActThe Librarians Who Shushed the Patriot Act

PLUS:  The sorry six: W’s worst judges


Bush's Greatest Hits Bush’s Greatest Hits



How to Burn the Speculators How to Burn the Speculators
And why filling your tank halfway could help lower gas prices

Party Favors: Land Handouts for Drillers Party Favors: Land Handouts for Drillers

PLUS:  Take the Fed public, and Wall Street’s Wild West days will be numbered.

domestic priorities

Medicare's Poison Pill Medicare’s Poison Pill
What Bush’s signature health care initiative did to my drug budget

No Contractor Left BehindNo Contractor Left Behind


10 Ways to Satisfy Your President 10 Ways to Satisfy Your President

PLUS:  Why your meds are so sickeningly expensive

foreign policy

Mission Creep Mission Creep
Our map of the new world order

When the Military Gets Combat FatigueWhen the Military Gets Combat Fatigue


Relief DisasterRelief Disaster

PLUS:  What the Pentagon learned from Genghis Khan

science & health

A Return to Reason A Return to Reason
And an end to faith-based science

The Chinavore's Dilemma The Chinavore’s Dilemma

Tuna's Mercury Surprise Tuna’s Mercury Surprise



Control, Delete, Escape Control, Delete, Escape
What was really up to? We’ll never know.

Why Did the Press Let the President Lie? Why Did the Press Let the President Lie?

how to fix it

Joseph Stiglitz, Valerie Plame Wilson, Philippe Sands, The Wire’s David Simon, and other experts on what the next president can do to clean house—pronto


Exposure Exposure
No hang-ups: the inner lives of phone-sex operators



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Editors’ Note

Meet the Grand Obama Party; did the Three Gorges Dam cause China’s big quake?; McCain’s gay wedding woes; a catch-22 for Iraq detainees; how killing scars soldiers; the trouble with airline wires; Congressman Turner’s family values

Our 15th annual student activism roundup

Do You Believe in Magic?

Jesus is magic: Gospel illusionists conjure true believers.

Has Barack Obama earned a place in the progressive hall of fame?

Immune to Reason

Vaccine deniers are putting your kids at risk.

Dave Gilson on why 9/11 conspiracy theorists can’t handle the truth; Bill Maher roasts religion; plus more book(Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America, Obscene in the Extreme: The Burning and Banning of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, Burmese Daze), film(Up the Yangtze, Heckler), and music(Chemical Chords, The Rhumb Line, Here With Me, Cold Fact) reviews

Men far from Mars


Cover illustration by Tim O’Brien
** “As for you my fine friend, you’re a victim of disorganized thinking…You’re confusing courage with wisdom.” —The Wizard to the Cowardly Lion