September/October 2010

BP’s Deep Secrets

  • BP has spent the last four months burying evidence of its crime in the deep ocean—which scientists now believe might be the most important ecosystem on Earth.

Who Owns Congress?
The gentleman from BP yields to the lady from Anheuser-Busch: What would the House look like if lawmakers were arranged by their corporate sponsors?

PLUS: Microsoft, Amway…Victoria’s Secret? Some of the surprising heavy hitters in campaign cash
Today’s tea partiers spout the same old brew of conspiracy theories and anti-government hysteria that bubbles up anytime a Democrat is in the White House.
Meet the Real Death Panels
Making a Killing
When you risk life and limb in a clinical trial, are you helping science—or Big Pharma’s marketing schemes? One patient’s chilling story.
Click and Dagger
The Juan Doe Problem
CSI Desert: Hundreds of migrants die crossing the Mexican border each year. But how do you ID them when all that’s left are sun-bleached bones and teeth?

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Why the GOP has a bull’s-eye on Rep. Tom Perriello; mojoceratops!; is abortion black genocide?; Second Amendment-palooza; reversing Tom DeLay’s gerrymandering legacy; libertarian or rapper?; the fall of anti-abortion Dems; "Demon Sheep" ad man speaks; is Rick Santorum screwed?

Mixed Media

Oliver Stone returns to Wall Street; war and dudeliness with Sebastian Junger; plus more book, film, and music reviews

MoJo Mini College Guide


Cover illustration by Tim O’Brien