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Plutocracy Now

  • 1040 Slea-ze
  • By the time you start thinking about your tax return, these savvy entrepreneurs have already milked billions of dollars from the refunds of the working poor.

Tough Guise
What does it mean to be a man?
Where the Buffalo Roam
As humans flee the economic wasteland of the Great Plains, a movement is underway to return great swaths of territory back to the birds and beasts.

PLUS Can ranchers learn to live with wolves? And what’s up with Obama’s pathetic record on endangered species?
Alien vs. Predator
There’s a way to control pests without pesticides—permanently. Too bad our own species is too impatient to make that happen.
Lone Star
At 79, former CBS anchorman Dan Rather is still traveling the world, kicking ass, and winning Emmys. But is anybody watching?

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Reagan’s tax-cut guru takes on the GOP; tea partiers fear Middle Earth; Massey Energy punks coal country; climate denialism meets shareholder activism; forget your “junk”—the TSA wants to feel up your mind

Mixed Media

Curing the world’s woes with video games; marooned-motorist map; Sarah Vowell’s Hawaii trip; recycling with T.C. Boyle; PJ Harvey mourns her homeland; elements of freestyle; plus book and music reviews


Cover illustration by Tim O’Brien