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Fact-Free Nation

Exposing Vivian Maier
After picking up a box of old negatives at an auction, a Chicago realtor discovers one of America’s great street photographers.
Mr. Precedent
James Bopp, the lawyer behind the Supreme Court case that put elections up for sale, has only just begun.

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Kevin Drum on the GOP plot to drain Democrats’ coffers, lobbyists and congressional aides play musical chairs; do blue jeans kill?; can the FEC survive the GOP?; more trouble in Wichita’s “abortion-free” zone; the great tea party trademark war; and one man’s crusade against fundamentalist claptrap.

Media Jones

Armchair survivalists hunt for the remote; turning a lens on Hollywood’s peep show; how to unsuck corporate jargon; Sharon Jones finally gets a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.; a brief cadenza with violin maestro Joshua Bell; plus book, film, and music reviews.


Cover illustration by Eddie Guy