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  • Full Green Ahead
  • Damn the deniers, the doubters, and the bean counters. For the Navy, climate change is just another enemy.

Whose Fault?
Whose Fault?
For years, seismologists wondered whether frackers caused earthquakes. Then a 5.6 temblor shook the field to its core.
In the Dominican Republic, is MLB giving kids the chance of a lifetime—or running a baseball sweatshop?
The Bonner Party
The Bonner Party
African safaris, Nazi art, and dinner with Indiana Jones: inside the shadowy nonprofit that throws some of DC’s finest junkets.
Forgotten Fruit
Forgotten Fruit
Industrial agriculture robbed us of the Blake, the Harrison, and the Fletcher Sweet. John Bunker is on a quest to bring back the apples that made America great.

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Busting pro-gun myths; The NRA’s big shots; Rolling, stoned; Kids smoke the darndest things!; Walmart’s union-lite; Foreclosure solution—or crazy talk?; All the presidents’ ailments

Mixed Media

Geeking out with the Game of Thrones creators; Garry Winogrand’s street shots; Karen Russell on writing fantastical worlds; Punter and profanity guru Chris Kluwe; Book, film, and music reviews

Food + Health

Cover: Illustration by Bill Mayer


The two-day adrenaline high of landing on and being catapulted off a Navy carrier had 1 Julia Whitty ready to enlist (“Full Green Ahead“).

2 Stephanie Mencimer envies Sunshine State reporters, who will never lack for interesting material (“The Great Florida Experiment“); her story is accompanied by Scott Anderson‘s first painting of a bikini-clad woman—and he really hopes it won’t be his last.

Michael Behar (“Whose Fault?“) has been featured in The Best American Science and Nature Writing; when not traveling on photo assignments, Ben Sklar parks his pickup in Austin, Texas.

Copy editor Ian Gordon (“Played“; “Kicking Ass“) reported on swimming and diving, lacrosse, tennis, basketball, baseball, and football for UNC-Chapel Hill’s Daily Tar Heel; he later covered exhibition log sawing for ESPN the Magazine.

Former Mother Jones intern 3 Corbin Hiar (“The Bonner Party“), the son of an airline employee, was quite familiar with free travel before he began reporting on congressional junkets; in 2011, illustrator 4 Victor Juhasz embedded as a combat artist with a medical helicopter unit deployed to Afghanistan.

5 Rowan Jacobsen (“Forgotten Fruit“) is writing an “apple bestiary,” due out in 2014;

6 Séan Alonzo Harris teaches photography at the Maine Media Workshops.

July Whitty
Stephanie Mencimer Corbin Hiar
 Victor Juhasz
Rowan Jacobsen Séan Alonzo Harris