Mother Jones Magazine Cover : May + June 2016

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  • Cover Story
  • Playing Chicken

    The ag industry has known for 40 years that using antibiotics can create superbugs. Why did only one company take the science seriously?

  • Fully Loaded

    Inside the shadowy world of America’s 10 biggest gunmakers.

  • Some Kind of Wonderful

    Lynda and Stewart Resnick built their billion-dollar feel-good empire on nuts, slick marketing—and a staggering amount of California’s water.

  • Mr. Right

    Conservatives say they want another Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. What they really want is another Sam Alito.

  • Corroded Trust

    Is the man-made catastrophe in Flint a sign of things to come?

  • Black Votes Matter

    Five places where the new civil rights movement is shaking up politics.

  • Bobbing for Bad Apples

    Can big data help prevent police shootings?

  • Brownbacklash

    Kansas’ experiment in small government created a big mess.

  • Crossing the Line

    The real story of the Syrian family who Donald Trump said might be ISIS terrorists.

  • The Home Front

    Balancing work and family is still a chore.

  • Make America Self-Donate Again!

    An expensive history of candidates blowing their own money on campaigns.

  • Wax Dolls

    The troubling divide between “sex positive” and true confidence.

  • A Brief History of Prom

  • Roots: The Next Generation

    W. Kamau Bell speaks with LeVar Burton about an epic reboot.

  • Lessons From the Master

    Yo-Yo Ma, whose multinational Silk Road Ensemble just released a new album, has sound advice for politicians, parents, and jittery performers.

  • The Tipping Point

    Restaurants in 18 states pay their servers a paltry $2.13 an hour. Bon Appétit!

  • Boxed Out

    Silicon Valley VCs are drooling over meal-kit apps. But is the bubble about to burst?