Mother Jones Magazine Cover : November + December 2018


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  • Cover Story
  • The Most Important Election of Our Lives

    The midterms will determine whether Donald Trump’s two-year assault on democratic norms will be repudiated—or validated. No pressure.

  • Better Dead Than Red

    Why one conservative stalwart now believes “we need to destroy the Republican Party.” 

  • Flip or Flop

    The DCCC doesn’t mind pissing off progressives to win.

  • Nation Building

    Meet the activists organizing an Arizona reservation.

  • The Senator From Sandy Hook

    Chris Murphy thinks gun control is a winning issue.

  • Teacher’s Threat

    Can educators and parents finally expel Scott Walker?

  • The Overdose Warrior

    Will Claire McCaskill’s fight against opioids help her win a tight race?

  • The Last Dinosaur

    Change is coming to fossil fuels—and faster than you think.

  • Grab ’Em by the Ballots

    A new women’s wave.

  • Unlock the Vote

    An unlikely coalition may restore voting rights to 1.4 million Floridians.

  • Skin in the Game

    A Nevada union shows the country how to mobilize.

  • So Long, Haters

    How Democrats can stop worrying about white fragility and win.