Mother Jones Magazine Cover : March + April 2020

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  • Cover Story
  • Southern Strategy

    Jaime Harrison is running to unseat Lindsey Graham. Does he have the blueprint to flip the Senate?

  • Call of Duty

    Meet the streamer who fights the online right while speaking the language of Gamergate.

  • She Said, He Sued

    As MeToo spreads, more men are suing their accusers.

  • “The Black Hills Are Not for Sale”

    The Lakota are fighting to protect their most sacred sites from mining—again.

  • Of Two Minds

    By insisting that boys’ and girls’ brains are wired differently, proponents of single-sex education are selling all kids short.

  • The Man Who Would Beat King

    Dethroning Steve King

  • Upwardly Global

    Trump’s donor diplomacy

  • The Muckrakers

    The Ukrainian journalists fueling impeachment

  • Ghost Stories

    Who are the straight men seeking out trans women on Grindr?

  • Fear and Loading

    Racism’s role in gun sales

  • Wiped Out

    Gut milk?

  • Field of Schemes

    Scam of the earth