WATCH: Obama Didn’t Robo-Sign [Cartoon]

A special foreclosure sing-a-long animation!

Robo-signing mortgage loan sharks have been churning out illegal foreclosures, while banks reap the benefits and homeowners lose. Congress even approved a bill—with uncharacteristic lightning speed—that would force courts across the country to accept robo-signed documents. Too bad for foreclosure barons that Obama squashed the bill like a bug! Watch the cartoon:

Want to sing along with the cartoon? Here are the lyrics, written and performed by Zina:

Squash another person’s home
Who cares about their mortgage loan?
Homeowners have run out of luck
So bankers make an extra buck
So squash the little homies flat
And sign away their habitat
The Congress passed with lightning speed
A bill to shield the banker’s greed
To force the courts to give assent
To robo-signing documents
But when the bill was on his desk
Obama wouldn’t give his yes!
He proved he’s got a stronger spine
Obama didn’t robo-sign
Obama didn’t robo-sign
Obama didn’t robo-sign.