Cartoon Slideshow: “You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack”

The dark literary humor of Tom Gauld.

Readers of the Guardian and the New York Times Magazine may recognize the poignant and often dark humor of Tom Gauld, whose sizable new collection of cartoons, You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack (out April 30 from Drawn and Quarterly), pokes fun at literature and media of all stripes—putting a Beckettian spin on Tintin, for example, and imagining a Brontë sisters video game—not to mention futurism, religion, modern art, and human hubris and frivolity. In one bit, a pretentious worm derides his unseen inquisitor for asking, “Are you happy?” The question is redirected at a bird that has just arrived to devour the affronted worm. Answer: “Yes.”

Gauld’s clever cartoons make this an ideal addition to your coffee table collection—or that rack by the shitter, if that’s how you roll. Check out 10 selections from the new book.