12 Great Government GIFs

You may not be able to stop looking at these taxpayer-funded GIFs.

Spend enough time browsing government websites and you’re sure to come across a GIF*. Not the bite-sized pop-culture kind, but low-res relics of the days when a GIF was a way to spice up a Web 1.0 site without slowing down Netscape users’ dial-up connections. Here are a dozen taxpayer-funded GIFs you may not be able to stop looking at:


Stinky toxic sludge

Ronald Reagan meets a turkey

This winking, whisker-wagging feline

This adorably suicidal moon meteor

This rabid raccoon

The touch-typing Data Ferrett!

US Census (sadly now defunct)

The Wright Flier

These menacingly mesmerizing neuroreceptors

This low-res lava lamp

Small man with small change

This guy riding a space probe

Citizens demanding more GIFs!

*It’s pronounced with a hard G, like government.