Composer Noveller’s Otherworldly Soundscapes

Impermanence is the point on albums “Glacial Glow” and “No Dreams.”

Glacial Glow and No Dreams

Courtesy of Fire Records

Anyone who was transfixed by the otherworldly beauty of Noveller’s liquid ambient soundscapes on the immersive 2015 album Fantastic Planet will want to check out the reissues of her two previous efforts. The equally spellbinding Glacial Glow (2011) and No Dreams (2013) find Noveller, aka Sarah Lipstate, subjecting her electric guitars to a host of sound-altering effects, creating intriguing noise suggesting strings, synths, full orchestras and primal rumblings from the subconscious. The mood flows gradually from pastoral to anxious and back, impermanence being the point. Just when you start to get comfortable, everything shifts, creating a sense of heightened alertness that’s both exhilarating and unsettling.