“The Blue Swell” Brims With Bright, Lavish Melodies

Beverly’s new album is vibrant and timeless.

The Blue Swell

Courtesy of Ilium Media

Launched in 2014 as a joint venture of newbie Drew Citron and indie-scene vet Frankie Rose, an alumna of garage rockers Vivian Girls and Dum Dum Girls, Beverly made sublime, soaring pop designed to intoxicate. With Rose subsequently moving on to other projects, that could have been the end of this promising enterprise, but Citron proves herself more than able to take charge on The Blue Swell. Matching bright, lavish melodies to intricate wall-of-sound production that places a premium on dreamy, layered vocals (shades of classic girl groups), addictive songs like “Bulldozer” and “You Said It” are clever and primally satisfying at once. From jangly guitar ballads (“Crooked Cop”) to speedy outbursts (“You Used to Be a Good Girl”), Citron and collaborator Scott Rosenthal take a vibrant and eclectic approach that feels both modern and timeless.