John Oliver Trashes Donald Trump and the RNC for Validating Feelings Over Facts

“The entire convention was a mismanaged shit show.”

After a monthlong break, John Oliver returned to Last Week Tonight on Sunday to take on Donald Trump and the Republican National Convention, an event he described as a “mismanaged shit show.”

While the convention included such chaotic incidents as Melania Trump’s stolen speech and Sen. Ted Cruz getting booed off stage, Oliver revealed one disturbing theme that was able to emerge through all the confusion—and that was validating misguided emotions to create a sense of imminent threat.

“It was a four-day exercise in emphasizing feelings over facts,” Oliver said, while showing clips of various speakers repeating the theory that President Barack Obama is a Muslim or that the country’s violent crime rate is rising. 

Watch above to see the segment break down all the RNC’s craziness.