Donald Trump’s Freefall Captured in Two Scathing Magazine Covers

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Republican nominee.

Two national magazines, The New Yorker and Time, have unveiled strikingly similar cover illustrations this week to depict Donald Trump’s precipitous decline in the polls since the Republican National Convention in Cleveland concluded only three weeks ago.

The covers come amid the latest controversies to hit the Trump campaign. Just this week, the real estate magnate issued a remark that appeared to suggest gun violence against his presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, which he swiftly followed up with the claim that President Barack Obama is the “co-founder of ISIS.” Despite growing calls from Republicans to disavow the real estate magnate and slash the party’s funding of his campaign, Trump has pledged to continue his inflammatory style of campaigning.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! This week’s “rainy days” also brought a rare sunny prediction. Trump appeared finally to acknowledge that he might not make it to the White House, but he presented the election as a win-win, telling CNBC he’d either emerge victorious or take a “very, very nice long vacation.”