Let’s Hear It for Kevin, the Coolest Kid Going Back to School

“Because I’m going to fourth grade and then after that I’m going to fifth grade and then I’m going to college—or high school.”

This fourth grader from Texas just entered the fourth grade at a new school and he could not be more thrilled. Because as Kevin recently revealed to a local reporter, after he conquers the fourth grade, he’s going to master the fifth grade, and then college. Or is it high school? Maybe preschool.

“I don’t even know the orders anymore!” Kevin said, clearly exasperated by his own enthusiasm.

He continued by taking the opportunity to protest his mother’s insistence that he wear a helmet while riding his bike because he is not a baby anymore and no longer needs “protected gear.” Kevin also told the reporter he is pumped to make more friends at his new school, as he only had one friend at his first.

“I am hoping I can make more friends than just one.”

To all the other kids at Kevin’s old school, let it be known you clearly missed out.

(h/t Select All)


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