Here’s What Happens When High School Boys Get Treated Like Women in Congress

Hillary Clinton may have broken barriers by becoming the first female presidential nominee of a major US political party, but the fight for gender equality in American politics is far from over. Just take a look at Congress, where an overwhelming 80 percent of seats are occupied by men. While some refuse to view this stark underrepresentation of women as a problem, others are fighting to make a change and put more women in office.

A new project by the video series SoulPancake is doing just that by flipping the script and showing high school boys how frustrating it is to be woefully outnumbered in a classroom where 80 percent of its make-up is comprised of girls. The boys quickly realize they’re shut out of the decision-making process on important school issues, and find themselves repeatedly shortchanged on policies that affect everyone.

“This is going to turn into a boy’s prison,” one male student joked.