Seth Meyers Calls Out Donald Trump for Apparent Hypocrisy Over His Modeling Agency

“Are you the ‘Law & Order Candidate’ or the ‘Law & Order SVU Candidate??”

Comedian Seth Meyers piled on criticism against Donald Trump on Wednesday, after Mother Jones reported this week that the GOP nominee’s modeling agency, of which he owns an 85 percent stake, allegedly skirted immigration laws to hire foreign models to work illegally in the US. The report featured former Trump models who claimed Trump Model Management even encouraged them to lie to customs officials about why they were visiting the country.

“Your whole candidacy is built around the single issue of keeping immigrants out of the country,” Meyers said during a segment on his NBC show, Late Night With Seth Meyers. “You keep talking about an extreme vetting process. Is it: put on this crocheted bikini and stand under a bright light?”

“‘Oh she’s not a terrorist, she’s a 10!'” Meyers concluded, mocking Trump’s voice.

To read the Mother Jones investigation in its entirety, head here.