Teacher Celebrates First Day of School With God-Awful Karaoke Skills

“You don’t wanna miss math, math, math, math, math.”

It’s back-to-school week across the country, and stress levels for millions of kids have just increased. But in one Michigan high school, the predictable drill of the first day of class became something entirely unexpected when a well-meaning teacher decided to shake things up and welcome her students by singing education-themed renditions of popular songs.

Sounds innocent enough, until you watch the cringeworthy (and bizarrely long) performance of Ms. Wippel singing new words to “Hotline Bling,” “Call Me Maybe,” “Work,” and plenty of other songs clearly not originally intended for such a purpose.

But don’t feel too bad! By the end of her karaoke production, the kids mustered the strength to break from their embarrassment to smile and applaud. Who says kids lack manners and compassion these days?

(h/t Reddit)