Samantha Bee’s Latest Monologue About the Republican Meltdown Is Must-Watch TV

Their “alt-right-channeling demagogue” might not be such a stand-up guy after all.

Samantha Bee roasted the Republican Party following Friday’s leak of Donald Trump’s obscene hot mic tapes. She said Republicans are now having to grapple with the sudden “discovery” that their “alt-right-channeling demagogue” might not be such a stand-up guy after all. Several prominent Republicans, including Trump’s running mate Mike Pence and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, issued statements condemning Trump’s lewd remarks in the wake of the tape’s leak, explaining their outrage by references to female relatives.

Bee didn’t take too kindly to the men who had to justify why lewd comments about women are wrong. “Trump’s comments are not wrong because you have female relatives,” she explained. “Trump’s comments were wrong because women are human. And if you hadn’t stood cravenly by while he insulted them for a year, you wouldn’t be in the pile of elephant shit you’re in today.”

But her best roast of the night was dedicated to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who also blasted Trump’s newly surfaced remarks but fell short of withdrawing support for the Republican presidential nominee.

“Your petri dish of a political party allowed America’s misogyny and racism to coagulate into a presidential nominee,” Bee says of Ryan.

“In the past year you’ve condemned Trump’s disgusting stance on Muslims, the KKK, Gold Star families, Latino judges, and now women without ever withdrawing your support for his presidency,” Bee continues after showing a clip of Paul Ryan addressing a crowd at a fall fair he hosted in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, over the weekend. After lambasting Ryan for not having the courage to un-endorse Trump, Bee concludes: “You were smart to disinvite Trump from your Fall Fest. He wouldn’t have been able to resist grabbing a pussy like you.”