CNN Segment On Anti-Semite Sparks Backlash

Screenshots of a segment unthinkable even a few months ago set off outrage on social media.

A CNN segment on a white nationalist’s comments supporting Trump and condemning “Jewish interests” sparked ire on social media today thanks to screenshots like this one:


The “alt-right leader” referred to in the chyron is Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think tank. Video of Spencer’s comments at a conference Saturday showed him suggesting that mainstream media had been critical of  Trump “in order to protect Jewish interests.”

“One wonders if these people are people at all, or instead soulless golem,” Spencer told the crowd.

On CNN’s The Lead, host Jim Sciutto asked Rebecca Berg of Real Clear Politics and Matt Viser of the Boston Globe whether Trump should be expected to publicly denounce comments like these. Sciutto, Berg, and Viser all vigorously condemned the comments and suggested that if Trump were to address these types of comments, it would only act to legitimize bigots. Still, it was not long before screenshots of the clip circulated like wildfire.

Viser, the deputy Washington bureau chief for the Boston Globe, found himself forced to clarify that he was not the alt-right leader posing the question: