Elizabeth Warren Blasts GOP for Silencing Reading of Coretta Scott King Letter

The Massachusetts senator makes a surprise appearance on the “Daily Show.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren joined The Daily Show on Wednesday to condemn Republicans for suppressing her reading of a letter written by Coretta Scott King that criticized Sen. Jeff Sessions’ civil rights record. The letter, which was written in 1986 to oppose Sessions’ appointment to the federal bench, has been read by millions of people since Warren was formally silenced from reciting it on the Senate floor the day before.

“The main thing is that millions of people are now reading Coretta Scott King’s letter,” Warren said during her surprise appearance. “It is an amazing letter. It is a letter full of passion. It is a letter full of heart, and it is a letter full of advice to us. It talks about a moment in history when African Americans were beaten away from the polls. And it talks about Jeff Sessions’ role in that and I think it has an important lesson for all Americans.”

Warren continued by slamming her Republican colleagues for attempting to recast Sessions’ history on civil rights—a strategy the GOP has used throughout his confirmation process to become the next attorney general of the United States.

“You notice the Republicans are not saying ‘hey, those are the facts or something has changed,'” she said. “What they’re saying is ‘You don’t get to talk about that.'”

Moments after Warren’s appearance, Sessions was officially confirmed as the next attorney general.