John Oliver Mocks Republicans for Failing to Come Up with Obamacare Replacement

“Tick tock, motherf*ckers.”

As our own Kevin Drum previously predicted, Republicans who have long dreamed of dismantling the Affordable Care Act are quickly discovering that the process is far more difficult than they likely imagined it would be—even with a GOP-controlled Congress and President Donald Trump in the White House. Contentious town halls, in which thousands of constituents across the country have chastised their elected officials for repeal plans, are also making life hell for many Republicans.

On Sunday, John Oliver examined the issues at stake, calling out Republicans for failing to come up with a sufficient alternative plan.

“Every time you get near something resembling a Republican plan it seems to just recede into the distance.”

He also reminded the GOP that time is quickly running out for them to do so.

Here’s a further look at the numbers behind plans to destroy Obamacare.