Juana Molina’s Dizzying Universe of Sounds

The enthralling “Halo” finds the Argentine singer at peak power.

Juana Molina
Crammed Discs


Courtesy of Stephanie Weiss

Encountering Juana Molina’s music is like getting lost in a dazzling funhouse of swirling sounds, where change is the only constant, as shimmering keyboards collide with shifting beats and spooky, multi-layered voices float in and out of the mix without warning. The Argentine singer and multi-instrumentalist’s seventh album, the enthralling Halo finds her at peak power, capable of inducing euphoria, vertigo, and tranquility in rapid succession. Catchy tracks like “Cosoco” and “A00 B01” are tightly constructed pop songs in their own bent way, and offer the opportunity to take a quick head trip to relieve the stress of the day. While anyone searching for reference points might consider Tune-Yards, Devo, or Mica Levi (Micachu and the Shapes), Molina is a uniquely intriguing universe unto herself.