Stephen Colbert Rents Trump’s “Pee Pee Tape” Hotel Room in Russia

The “Late Show” host traveled to Moscow to investigate the infamous dossier.

As more bombshells drop in the multiple investigations looking into possible collusion between President Donald Trump’s associates and the Kremlin, Stephen Colbert is taking on the subject other media outlets have largely shied away from covering in recent months: Trump’s alleged “pee pee” tape.

With black lights at the ready, the “Late Show” recently traveled to Moscow and rented out the presidential suite at the Ritz Carlton—the room where Trump supposedly performed “golden showers” with hired prostitutes—to find the truth behind the infamous dossier at the center of the allegations.

“When you’re in this room, I don’t know how to describe it: It’s soaked in history,” Colbert said inside the bedroom of the suite. “It just washes over you.”

“I mean, it’s not even like it’s in the past. You’re in history. You’re in it. You know what I mean?”