The Awe-Inspiring Togetherness of an Entire Country Looking Up at the Eclipse

Nice glasses. (Well, except for Trump.)

Rosie McCrudden views the eclipse in Thornton, Idaho today.Mark Murrmann/Mother Jones

For the first time in decades, a total solar eclipse is traveling across the entire United States today, and it seems everyone took a break to check it out. We’ve compiled our favorite photos of people—from the White House to Los Angeles—looking up to check out the rare phenomenon. (Props to everyone that dutifully prepared by securing protective, and often festive, eyeglasses!)

Waiting to be eclipsed ? // @theresagoodall

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Things are looking up! #solareclipse #medschool

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And then there was President Trump, who was caught, at least temporarily, without proper eyewear:

At least Attorney General Jeff Sessions got the memo:

We’ll leave you with this footage of a plane flying through the eclipse—just because it’s cool: