These Newspapers Are Demanding Trump Act on Gun Violence

Even Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post.

Several newspapers throughout the country are demanding action in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting that killed 17 people on Wednesday. The New York Daily News dedicated two covers to the tragedy this week, including a Friday image of a young child in a bulletproof vest paired with the harrowing headline: “Is my school next, mommy?

The San Diego Tribune on Thursday deftly called out Congress’ inaction with an editorial capturing a sense of frustration and hopelessness with how lawmakers’ will likely fail to act once again. The Boston Globe unveiled a similar cover:


The Miami Herald on Friday featured images of the 17 victims and their names:

But perhaps the most surprising cover came from the New York Post. The tabloid, which is owned by Trump-ally Rupert Murdoch and is known for its conservative slant, directly called on the president to take a stand on gun control.

“Mr. President, this is your moment,” a Post editorial read. “You can keep your promises to the kids and the parents and honor your offer to do ‘whatever we can do.’ Prove how much you truly want to curb the carnage—and refuse to play hostage to the extremists on either side of these issues.”