Tracyanne and Danny’s Debut Album Touches the Heart

It’s a “small” record whose intimacy is its greatest asset.

Album Review

Tracyanne and Danny
Tracyanne and Danny

Folks pining for the melancholy sweetness of the currently inactive Scottish band Camera Obscura can take solace in this lovely collaboration between Tracyanne Campbell, the group’s singer, and Britain’s Danny Couglan, a.k.a. Crybaby. Their tender voices, dreamy melodies, lonesome lyrics, and overall air of regretful contemplation will enchant diehard romantics and anybody else who loves beautiful folk-pop. “Jacqueline” harks back to eerie ’50s teen ballads, while “The Honeymooners” marries girl-group drama and confessional intimacy. Tracyanne and Danny is a “small” record that touches the heart in ways that bigger, flashier efforts never could.