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Special Projects

America Under the Gun

A special report on the rise of mass shootings in the United States, including the most comprehensive data source on mass gun deaths nationwide.

  • A Guide to Mass Shootings in America

    There have been at least 62 in the last 30 years—and most of the killers got their guns legally.

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  • 99 Laws Rolling Back Gun Restrictions

    A barrage of measures across 37 states have made it easier to own, carry, and conceal firearms.

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  • How “Stand Your Ground” Spread

    How gun lobbyists conspired to give Stand Your Ground shooters immunity.

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  • 151 Victims of Mass Shootings in 2012

    Bearing witness to the worst year of gun rampages in modern US history.

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Election 2012

The maps, apps, quizzes, and charts we used to explore voter suppression, dark money, and other hot topics in the 2012 election.

  • Guide to Voter Suppression and Poll Problems

    Snafu or shenanigans? Our voting explainer and map of trouble spots around the country.

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  • An Interactive Map of the Dark-Money Universe

    Click your way through the final frontier of unlimited political money. The data is live and so is this app.

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  • Want to Ditch Citizens United? A DIY Guide

    Our choose-your-own-adventure-style flowchart guides you to a Citizens United-free America.

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  • Newt or Schrute: A Mother Jones Quiz

    Can you tell the difference between Dwight Schrute and Newt Gingrich? No, you probably can’t.

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No Way Out: Solitary Confinement in the US

Interactive features complementing our exposé of the prison practice of gang validation, which sends thousands of inmates into solitary confinement for terms that can last decades.

  • Life in the Hole: Inside a Solitary Cell

    A guided tour of the seven-by-eleven-foot space where inmates spend 23 hours a day.

    See the graphic

  • Maps: Solitary, State by State

    How state prisons use isolation to weed out gang members and discipline inmates.

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  • Items That Get Prisoners Thrown Into Solitary

    California prison officials have cited just about everything as “evidence” of gang activity.

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  • Video Extra: Inside Pelican Bay

    Join reporter and former hostage Shane Bauer as he goes back behind bars inside Pelican Bay State Prison.

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Reproductive Rights

  • MoJo Flowchart: Are You a Slut?

    It’s a head-scratcher, so we’ve put together this handy flowchart to help you out.

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  • Calculator: How Expensive Is Birth Control?

    Rick Santorum claims it’s “just a few dollars.” Time for a reality check.

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  • Charts: The Voter Guide for Your Ladyparts

    Eleven reasons why every woman should vote on Tuesday in one infographic.

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  • Female Hysteria and the Sex Toys Used to Treat It

    Vibrators, douches, and pelvic massage: “curing” crazy ladies for centuries.

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  • Flowchart: “Can I Get Pregnant?”

    Learn the biology of your body, according to conservative male lawmakers.

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  • Think You Can Beat the Immigration Maze?

    Embark on this interactive, GIF-tastic quest for a coveted US green card.

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  • 164 Anti-Immigration Laws Passed Since 2010?

    Behind the self-deportation crowd’s spate of state laws, the private-prison industry’s campaign spending, and more.

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  • The Immigration Hardliner Family Tree

    A guide to the funders, think tanks, lawyers, and politicians behind harsh Arizona-style legislation.

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Terrorists for the FBI

The FBI has built a massive network of spies to prevent another domestic attack. But are they busting terrorist plots—or leading them? Explore our dataset here.

  • Database: Profiles in Terror

    We analyzed the prosecutions of 508 alleged domestic terrorists. Here’s the full data set.

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  • Charts: Terror Trials by the Numbers

    Stings, informants, and underwear bombs: Digging through the data from federal terrorism cases.

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  • Docs: FBI Spies and Suspects

    Tales of informants and suspects, ripped from the pages of federal terrorism investigations.

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  • Case Study: The Serial Snitch

    Six defendants, two cases, one smooth operator: A sample from our terror-trial database.

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Build Your Own


Make a quiz from data in a Google Spreadsheet.

  Super Simple SVG Map

Make a SVG map with some spreadsheet data and a touch of CSS.

  Inline Slider

Mobile-friendly inline slider, powered by spreadsheet.


A “Choose Your Own Adventure” plugin for storytelling.

  Headline Generator

A word randomizer that spins out silly Mad Libs.