Republican Shenanigans

Here are a few links from our net-surfer at large, Ian Kallen:

Bob Dole’s reply to the State of the Union speech is on-line.

Banter regarding everyone’s favorite potatoe friar, the intellectual shining light of the Republican Party Dan Quayle can be read in the newsgroup

And if you are one of those very few people who don’t have access to his radio show, that airwave curmudgeon Rush Limbaugh‘s followers are in the bandwidth! (

Not everyone will have access to the above newsgroups, so some of you poor souls will miss out. Harangue your system administrator if you’re really desperate to read these rantings.

Here are links from our readers

Nils Niewuejaar told us about:

Limbaugh’s Lies
May 23, 1994
The New Republic

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