Let’s Talk Clinton: Christina Hoff Sommers

. . . next luminary . . .

There’s a lot more Clinton can do for family stability as the cornerstone of his domestic policy. [Surgeon General Joycelyn] Elders believes we can change kids’ smoking behavior. Why not have Clinton get her to work as assiduously on teen promiscuity? We don’t celebrate smoking or drunks on television. Why not make promiscuity socially unacceptable?

We need welfare reform. Kids losing their driver’s licenses if they drop out of high school. Kids not enrolling in summer camp without vaccinations. We need behavior and social attitude changes because we are facing a crisis whether we are on the right or the left. But a Democrat has to lead. Quayle was right, but he was the wrong messenger.

Have Clinton come back to basics. Achievement and excellence are not code words for reactionary politics. That’s nonsense. If he went to traditional education he’d win the respect of most Americans.


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