Let’s Talk Clinton: Isabel Allende

. . . next luminary . . .

Clinton, on the whole, is doing a great job. He has difficulty bringing it out to the public, perhaps because he’s from a small state. He has an agenda of change and is charismatic, but that polarizes people and gets opposition from the powerful. He responded immediately and strongly in the campaign–to the Gennifer Flowers fiasco, for example. Now he seems paralyzed by that sort of thing.

For the first time in many years, this nation is showing restraint in foreign policy and that’s what the United States needs to be. Not the bully. I’m glad he didn’t invade Haiti.

He should use his charisma more. Be in touch with the country, perhaps on a weekly, live program. Reagan used his actor’s skills. Clinton goes into too much detail, like Carter. Be the leader. This country and the world need more of that from him. Who cares who he sleeps with?


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