A Case of Great Minds Thinking Alike?

At the Republican Governors Association meeting in November, tobacco lobbyists offered financial support to governors who protested the FDA’s pending regulation of nicotine. The FDA subsequently received several letters from GOP governors’ offices. Some obtained by Mother Jones use nearly identical phrasing. An official for the governor of North Dakota admits his governor’s letter was written by a tobacco industry lawyer. And the others? “There’s no connection between my letter and the tobacco industry,” claims Montana Lt. Gov. Dennis R. Rehberg. “I stand on the principle of individual responsibility.”


It's been a tough several weeks for those who care about the truth: Congress, the FBI, and the judiciary are seemingly more concerned with providing cover for a foregone conclusion than with uncovering facts.

But we also saw something incredibly powerful: that truth-tellers don't quit, and that speaking up is contagious. I hope you'll read why, even now, we believe the truth will prevail—and why we aren't giving up on our goal of raising $30,000 in new monthly donations this fall, even though there's a long way to go to get there. Please help close the gap with a tax-deductible donation today.