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No better way to find out what Wired LTD (the parent company of Hot Wired and Wired magazine), is up to nowadays than to run a quick search on what domain names (the addresses of the Internet) they own.

Summary of our findings:

Number of total domain names owned by Wired: 30
Number of domain names containing the word “meta”: 4
Number of references to dead despots: 2
Number of references to its own initial public stock offering (IPO): 1
Number of domain names containing the word “deep”: 3
Number of links to Wired on this page: 8
Favorite random domain name owned by Wired: SEXANDVIOLENCE.COM (it doesn’t appear to be open to the public)

The List

Wired Ventures Ltd. TALK.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. VIRALNET.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. METABRAIN.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. METASYSTEM.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. METAZINE.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. METAZONE.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. MEGAWIRED.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. WARPNET.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. WIRED100.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. WIREDIPO.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. WIREDTV.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. FUTURATV.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. MUSSOLINI.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. LENIN.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. DEEPHEALTH.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. DEEPNEWS.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. DEEPTRENDS.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. EXONET.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. AETHERNET.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. HAYWIRED.COM
Wired Ventures Ltd. HELIXNET.COM
Wired Ventures, Inc. HOTBOT.COM
Wired Ventures, Ltd. WIRED.COM
Wired Ventures, Ltd.
Wired Ventures, Ltd. HARDWIRED.COM
Wired Ventures, Ltd. WIRED.NET
Wired Ventures, Ltd.
Wired Ventures, Ltd. HOTWIRED.COM

Find out what domain names your favorite corporations have snapped up!

Search tip: Don't type in the whole domain name. Leave off www & .com (ex. we just entered wired, not, and you'll get all the domain names owned by that company. Have fun.


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  • Eric Umansky is a deputy managing editor of ProPublica.