Domestic Violence Identification and Referral Act

Those with an interest in domestic abuse issues should check out an amendment (S. 697 and H.R. 1521) to the Public Health Service Act being introduced by Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.). These legislators want to give funding preferences to health institutions that provide “significant” training in identifying, treating and referring patients who are domestic violence survivors. Women Leaders Online (WLO) is endorsing the current amendment and encouraging voters to contact their senators in support of it. The WLO Web site will direct you to the phone/fax/e-mail address of your senator.

Speaking of voting, your excuse not to do it just got weaker. Xballot is a new non-partisan Web site that allows voters to register online. Just fill out the application, print it out and send it via snail mail to the appropriate registration office (address provided). Democracy was never this easy.

Bill-Watchers Beware!

One final note: An excellent time to push through potentially unpopular bills has always been just before the end of another congressional session, when attendance and attention levels are comparable to the final days of school before summer vacation. As the 104th Congress squirms towards its adjournment, be on the lookout for unusual and partisan legislative efforts. You can track the latest bills as they wend their way through the House and Senate with THOMAS’ floor activity overview, “Congress this Week.”


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