Washington Squares: Answers and Winners


Hillary Rodham Clinton


1. In 1975, Hillary Rodham, a 27-year-old Arkansas lawyer, married Bill Clinton. What else did she do that year?

She tried to join the Marines.color>

2. What would Hillary’s father say when she brought home a straight-A report card?

“You must be at an easy school.”color>

3. At age 17, Hillary was a strong ______.

“Goldwater girl”

4. In 1992, how did Hillary characterize her career choices and her role as a political wife?

“I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies.”color>

5. What prediction did Hillary’s high school newspaper make regarding her future?

that she would become a nun and take the name “Sister Frigidaire.”



Hillary Rodham Clinton,
July 7 – July 14

Natalie (she didn’t leave her last name) was the only person to answer all five questions correctly. Congratulations, Natalie.

Pat Buchanan,
June 30 – July 7

Christian Farrell scored highest by answering four out of five questions correctly. Congratulations, Christian.

Ted Rueter is the author of several books on politics, including The Newt Gingrich Quiz Book and The Rush Limbaugh Quiz Book.