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The anti-WTO movement through cash-colored glasses

Mar. 10, 2000

Think the tumultuous anti-WTO protests in Seattle were a flash in the pan? The protestors’ enemies sure seem to think otherwise. COMMON DREAMS received and published a leaked memo apparently produced by the lobbying firm Black, Kelly, Scruggs & Healy, entitled “Guide to the Seattle Meltdown.” The memo, aiming to provide corporate-types with an “alarming window on the future,” offers a compendium of anti-globalization activist groups whose activities “may have significant short-term ramifications for the business community.”

The memo is intended as a precautionary guide for corporations, but it’s also about the best morale booster and organizing tool an activist could ask for. A portion of the memo, written by the firm’s managing director, warns of “the potential ability of the emerging coalition of these groups to seriously impact broader, longer-term corporate interests.” It adds: “Seattle was not an anomaly and the consistent anti-corporate message of virtually all the groups who participated there in November is not a temporary phenomenon.” The memo then goes on to list all the major groups, their leaders’ names and their Web sites for further info.

Read the leaked memo on COMMON DREAMS.