Big bonuses for Bush donors

George W. Bush’s top campaign contributors enjoy some hifalutin’ perks from the Texas gubner, including appointments to state posts, sleep-overs at the governor’s mansion, and lots of corporate welfare, according to a new report from TEXANS FOR PUBLIC JUSTICE.

The 212 leading fundraisers — affectionately known as “Pioneers” — have delivered at least 24 percent of Bush’s $90 million war chest. “Thanks to this small group of business tycoons and lobbyists, Bush has raised more money than any other political candidate in history, twice as much as any presidential candidate before him,” said TEXANS FOR PUBLIC JUSTICE Director Craig L. McDonald. “If you can judge a candidate by his big donors, a Bush presidency will bring more corporate welfare, more pollution, less consumer regulation, and more business lobbyists to the White House.”

The leading Pioneers, according to the report, include Charles J. Wyly, Jr. (brother of Sam Wyly, founder of Green Mountain Energy), $210,273; businessman Dennis R. Berman, $175,000; investment banker Louis A. Beecherl, Jr., $154,000; and cosmetics tycoon Richard Heath, $124,449. Profiles of all 212 Pioneers are available on the TPJ site.


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