Bush, North Korea, and Rev. Moon

In what could (or at least should) be an embarrassment for Clan Bush, recently declassified US intelligence documents show that in the early 1990s, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, with the US government’s knowledge, was funnelling millions of dollars to communist leaders in North Korea who were desperate for cash for their missile-building program. According to THE CONSORTIUM, Moon was hoping to gain a foothold for his business ventures on the peninsula.

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10/12 – Orbitrary war Meanwhile, the far-right Moon was also dropping hefty sums — perhaps millions of dollars — into the pocket of former President George Bush. These days, Moon and his followers enthusiastically back George W. Bush’s presidential candidacy.

Moon’s hypocrisy doesn’t end there. This year, the Reverend’s conservative Washington Times has attacked the Clinton-Gore administration repeatedly for failing to take more aggressive steps to defend against North Korea’s missile program. The newspaper called the administration’s decisions an “abdication of responsibility for national security.”