Johnny’s sweatshop scooter

Those faddish Razor scooters today’s kids are hankering for are made in a sweatshop in China, according to the National Labor Committee in Support of Human and Worker Rights.

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The NLC doled out its “Golden Grinch” anti-awards to retailers this holiday season, giving one to Sharper Image for carrying an exclusive edition of the Razor scooters (other retailers also carry the basic model). According to NLC research, the scooters are made at Yuan Da Metal Factory in China, where workers are paid just 14 cents for every scooter they produce. The scooters sell for $89 to $119 each.

Another Grinch award went to the Department of Defense for importing apparel made in Burmese and Nicaraguan sweatshops for sale at military installations. Other “awards” went to Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Farberware, and the ubiquitous Nike.