Icy goodbye from Ben and Jerry?

Polls and surveys have voted Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s among the most worker-friendly bosses in the US, and now they are fed up with their new bosses and might be quitting, reports CONSCIOUS CHOICE. The ice cream industry’s most progressive leaders were bought out by Unilever in April, and were discouraged with the recent appointment of a Unilever veteran as CEO, instead of their preferred candidate.

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The founders say they were duped into believing empty promises from Unilever. “I am troubled because there were a bunch of commitments made by Unilever which I thought were legally binding, but now I understand they are not,” said co-founder Ben Cohen.

“We have not decided whether or not to remain with the company,” their recent public statement said. Their disappearance could hurt sales for myriad reasons, but perhaps primarily because consumers associate the company with those two friendly guys from Vermont, not a multinational laundry detergent manufacturer.