Kuwait: Military

Major US Military Bases1 Pre-Gulf War: None

Post-Gulf War: Ahmed Al Jaber AB, Ali Al Salem AB, Camp Arifjan, Camp Doha, The Kabals

Minor US Military Bases1 Pre-Gulf War: None

Post-Gulf War: Kuwait IAP, Mina Al Ahmadi, Camp Commando

US Military Personnel Stationed 10/14/20001 About 5,000 Army personnel at Camp Doha; 3,000 Air Force and Army personnel at Ali Al Salem Air Base, along with an unspecified number of support personnel managing M-1A1 Abrams tanks, M-2A2 Bradley fighting vehicles, and armored personnel carriers.
US Military Personnel Stationed as of 2/27/031 About 60,000 marines, at least 25,000 Army personnel, and about 3,000 Air Force personnel, along with about 75 combat planes.
Military Expenditures, 20012 $1.96 billion
Military Expenditures as Percentage of GDP2 5.5%
US Military Arms Sales (Delivered) 1990-20013 $5.6 billion

1 Source: www.GlobalSecurity.org
2 Source: CIA World Fact Book, www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/
3 Source: Federation of American Scientists, U.S. Arms Transfers Database, www.fas.org/asmp/profiles/sales_db.htm


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