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The poll of 1007 registered voters was conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Inc., a Washington-based polling and public research company. Conducted between May 17 and May 22, the survey has a margin of error of 3.1 percent for the complete sample, and up to 7 percent for polling of subgroups, like devout evangelicals or voters from swing states.

Those polled represent a balanced cross-section of America. About a quarter are high school graduates, another quarter have some college education, and a third quarter are college graduates. More than half are employed, and about a quarter are retired. About 60 percent are married, while 20 percent are single, and 10 percent are widowed or divorced. In terms of political ideology, the largest group — 40 percent — described themselves as moderates, while 37 percent said they were conservative, and 18 percent said they were liberal. Half of all respondents said they voted for President George W. Bush in 2000, while 42 percent said they voted for former Vice President Al Gore.

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