It’s the Judges

This is exactly the right response to Janice Brown’s quip today that “people of faith were embroiled in a ‘war’ against secular humanists.” The idea that there’s a “war” going on, or that the left is demanding that religious people accept “second-class status,” as Hugh Hewitt so moronically put it the other day (what does that even mean?), is of course nonsense. But back to the point, I’m glad Brown’s remarks are getting attention. Ideally, the focus of the debate here should be on the fact that, religious or no, the Bush nominees being held up are truly nutcases. As Atrios notes, it’s not likely that the 60 percent of the population siding with the Democrats here are doing so because they have some principled attachment to the filibuster; no, it’s because Bush is trying to appoint a few lunatics to the court—lunatics quick to declare religious “war” at the first sign of opposition—and everyone knows it.