More on gay soldiers

Following up on the post below, I’m a bit unclear as to why fighting alongside openly gay soldiers would be such a problem. After all, it seems that the Army has been doing it in Iraq for nearly two years now:

[I]t should be noted that American troops have been serving with gay British soldiers in Iraq for the past 18 months. British military authorities have noted that there have been no problems. The British navy is so pleased with gay personnel that they are now actively recruiting gays and lesbians. Part of this effort includes allowing gay couples to live in housing previously reserved for married couples. Royal Navy Commodore Paul Docherty said they want to change the military’s culture so that gays will feel comfortable working there.

Hm, maybe if Iraq ever implodes and a real civil war breaks out—none of this weak-kneed “fifty attacks, scores of dead Iraqis a day” business—conservatives can blame it all on British homosexuality.